HLAbrams Consulting
Vienna - Prague - Berlin - Munich

Mag. Harvey L. Abrams


Services offered for
Individuals or small groups:

No minimum number of lessons or meetings.
No long term contracts are required.
Lessons or meetings can take place in your office (formal) or
over coffee in a cafe (informal)... you chose the venue.


I am now accepting appointments for
November & December, 2020

contact me via

  • English language instruction & tutoring

    Services for pupils in Gymnasium or students at the University, businessmen or women who are studying English and need additional guidance or tutoring for reading and writing skills.
  • English language conversation

    Services for students, members of the government, military and business communities who need practice or guidance before giving an oral presentation. Prepare for a speech in front of a large group with confidence that you will not be misunderstood. Practice your pronunciation and use of terminology. Even one meeting can be useful in helping you sound better. Prepare for your English language Matura exam or your English language Abitur exam.
  • Editing: Books, Doctoral Dissertations, Term Papers

    I provide the service of proof-reading and editing of your writing with my explanations and suggestions. Whether it is a short paper of 4-5 pages or a 300 page dissertation - you want to make sure that your work is properly written. Publishers will require a written contract but all others pay as you go.
  • Web site English language editing

    Make your website attractive to the English language reader, whether it is in preparation and you need final editing or you need to correct existing errors, never let the world see your mistakes. I can also provide translation assistance from German or French into English for the web.
  • Research Assistance & Advice

    I can help you do the research and gather primary sources of information in your field so that you can focus on the writing and analysis.
  • Business consultant - USA

    Let me guide your through the rules, regulations and codes when you wish to conduct business in USA. Let me help you identify the correct marketplace(s) for your business in the 50 states.
  • Legal research & consulting - Pennsylvania and the USA Federal Courts

    I can conduct legal research and gather up-to-date case law if you are in litigation or preparing for future litigation; I can guide you through the Pennsylvania Code and the US Code when you are "stumped." However, I am not an attorney and cannot represent you in court. I can, however, teach you how to take legal action on your own, that is to litigate "pro se," without an expensive attorney. If you need an attorney then I can help you find a qualified attorney to represent you in your particular situation.

  • FEES:

    Here is my fee structure and some examples:
    • You can hire me for a single lesson for one hour (or) for an entire day.
    • You can give me your paper or dissertation to edit and I will set a price
      so you will know the cost before I start to work. Fifty percent deposit starts
      the agreement with the balance due upon completion. No additional fees added even
      if I underestimated my time - the fee is set.
    within Vienna, Austria:

    Hire me by the hour for one day:
    1 hour: 75 euros
    Additional hours are discounted, so...
    2 hours: 125 euros
    3 hours: 165 euros
    4 hours: 195 euros
    5 hours: 215 euros
    6 hours: 230 euros
    7 hours: 240 euros
    8 hours: 250 euros

    Services that are provided within Austria have 20% MwSt. included.
    Outside Vienna, Austria:
    I can travel within Europe to suit your needs especially
    to Berlin, Munich and Prague. All of western Europe can
    be booked if it fits my schedule.

    Fee is a flat 300 euros for an 8 hour day
    plus all travel expenses.

    You can make the travel arrangements via train or airplane to
    fit your schedule but the return must be within the same day
    before midnight to avoid being charged for a 2nd day.
    Additional days can be scheduled at 300 euros
    per day plus hotel, (but not meals).
    A one week arrangement (5 days) is discounted at
    1,200 euros plus travel & hotel (but not meals).
    Longer arrangements are available - please inquire.

    See this video on YouTube which I created in honor of the sport of GYMNASTICS and athletes from AUSTRIA.
    The photography is by Czech photographer Pavel R. and the music is by Rainhard Fendrich. ENJOY.

    Visit the
    International Institute for Sport History
    Library & Museum


    Mag. H.L. Abrams
    BS., MAT, Ph.D/abd

    PO Box 732
    State College, PA., USA 16804

    Vienna, Austria

    Vienna meetings or lessons will NOT be at my residence.
    I travel a lot - please contact me via email.
    email: Olympicbks@aol.com

    State College, Pennsylvania

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